GoInvite privacy policy


This privacy policy shall make use of definitions of the terms and conditions of GoInvite. The terms and conditions of use for Organizers and Buyers are available at https://www.goinvite.app/terms/  .

GoInvite OÜ (hereinafter referred to as GoInvite) shall develop and offer the GoInvite mobile application and website with the purpose of providing people with a platform for organizing events and purchasing tickets.  GoInvite shall bring together the Organizer, the Buyer and the User (hereinafter collectively referred to as the user). GoInvite also would like to offer an excellent user experience and enable a transparent interaction among users. For this reason, GoInvite shall gather and process also personal data.

Users of the GoInvite service shall agree with the processing of personal data upon installing the GoInvite application or using www.goinvite.app or web.goinvite.app website. In order to use the platforms, users shall read respective documents and tick the field “I have read and agree to the terms of use and processing of personal data and understand that accepting the respective documents is required for using the GoInvite platforms”. Thereby, the user shall confirm their consent to the processing of their personal data.

In addition, GoInvite shall seek the user’s consent also upon installing the application or creating a user account in certain cases for processing specific personal data. These cases shall be exceptional and GoInvite shall not aim at processing specific personal data, however, situations may occur in which it is required, for example when the user participates certain events consecutively, which provides GoInvite with information on the user’s sexual orientation, origin or religion. For this purpose, GoInvite shall ask for the user’s consent and the user shall tick the relevant box and thereby confirm their consent.

GoInvite shall gather and process personal data which users submit to GoInvite, use Goinvite websites, upload to the GoInvite application or to which they give access to GoInvite both upon installing the application and during its later use.

We care about your privacy and are aware of the confidentiality and security of your personal data and therefore, we shall use the personal data disclosed to us carefully and purposefully. We shall strive to ensure with our internal work arrangement that your personal life is not infringed upon in order to protect your personal data and follow legislation which regulates personal data protection and privacy.

1.     Which personal data do we gather and process?

The following is an overview of the type of personal data we process:

·       the first and last name, photo, e-mail address of the user and their feedback assessments, profile description, types, prices and quantities of tickets purchased and sold;

·       geographical location of the user;

·       time and venue of an event;

·       status of a purchase and the time of making the purchase;

·       name of payer, payment method, name of the bank used for the payment, payment status, time of using a ticket;

·       specific personal data retrieved from time-to-time participation in events, such as personal preferences and general data regarding religion and health;

·       downloading of the application and the activity of its use;

·       identification data of a device (including the operation system) on which the GoInvite application has been installed.

2.     What is our purpose of gathering and processing personal data?

The main purpose of gathering personal data shall be to offer the service of GoInvite. We shall gather and process personal data in order to bring together users, enable giving feedback on users and their events, and to improve the GoInvite platforms over time.


We shall process your personal data in order to:

·       manage your account, so that you would have the opportunity to view information on the events in which you have participated, tickets you have purchased and other activities;

·       offer you event management services;

·       offer user support and ask for feedback;

·       send notifications (e.g. about changes to events, unsuccessful payments, etc.);

·       provide you with information based on your location. If you share with us your location (that is, allow your mobile phone to send us information on your whereabouts), we may use the location data to provide you with information on events;

·       recommend future events to you based on the events you have participated in or on the type of events that match your profile;

·       we may use personal data for solving technical and quality issues of GoInvite;

·       for issuing tickets;

·       for accepting payments for tickets, returning payments and deducting the Service Charge;

·       for avoiding the reuse of tickets;

·       for improving business analytics and services;

·       for notifying you of updates to the GoInvite application and other changes related to GoInvite;

·       for performing possible obligations arising from law, for example the preservation of accounting data;

·       for network, information, and cybersecurity considerations to ensure safety in service provision.

3.     Method of gathering personal data

We shall gather personal data on the first and last names, telephone numbers, profile photos, profile descriptions and e-mail addresses of GoInvite users upon installing the application or registering account in website. If you have given us the permission, we shall gather relevant personal data via other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Google, but if you have not given us the permission, we shall gather the personal data to the extent of what you have entered in the application.


We shall gather personal data on a user’s geographical location if the user has given us respective permission, activated the required function and started the GoInvite platform. Gathering personal data on the geographical location shall be suspended immediately after the user has closed the GoInvite application on their device or the website.


We shall gather other personal data (payment data, ticket types, etc.) while the service is used based on the information retrieved from the application.

4.     Disclosure of personal data to third persons

All personal data processed by GoInvite shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed to third persons (except in cases specified in this section). We shall disclosed your personal data only to authorized processors whose services we use for the functioning of the GoInvite platforms and only to the extent required to offer you the best service. GoInvite shall use authorized processors when:

·       you pay for a ticket. Upon paying for a ticket via Stripe, GoInvite, as the chief processor of personal data, transmits the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the authorized processor Stripe. The privacy conditions and terms of use of Stripe are available at their website www.stripe.com

·       when GoInvite needs support services. If we use external service providers who provide us with certain services, such as application service or accommodation providers, marketing service providers and IT support service providers, these external service providers may gain access to your personal data and/or they may process the data. We shall demand that these external service providers apply and implement security measures in order to ensure the integrity and security of your personal data;

·       when we use a server for data storage. GoInvite uses at the time of terms Google cloud Firebase.


As GoInvite processes the personal data of the Organizer and the Buyer with authorization from the Organizer, GoInvite shall, in certain cases, process the personal data obtained from the Organizer:

·       the Organizer shall authorize GoInvite to process Buyers’ personal data, that is, users who participate in events organized by the Organizer and purchase tickets from the Ticket Store. The content of the authorization is specified in GoInvite terms and conditions of use for organizers[EM3] ;

·       GoInvite shall handle all inquiries concerning the Organizer related to personal data. Inquiries may be sent by e-mail at .


In addition, there are situations where GoInvite shall forward personal data to third persons:

·       users’ personal data may be disclosed without their consent to an authority or person who has a respective direct legal right in accordance with legislation on personal data protection;

·       upon merger or acquisition related to GoInvite, personal data may be disclosed to third persons who are associated with the merger or acquisition. In this case, all personal data shall remain confidential;

·       if you have given your explicit consent to the disclosure of your personal data to a specific receiver.

5.     Disclosure of personal data outside the EUROPEAN UNION

We shall not disclose personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the EEA). Even if we disclose personal data outside the EEA, we shall do that only if we are convinced that we can ensure adequate protection of the personal data according to applicable law.

6.     Data security and deletion of data

Your personal data shall be preserved for as long as necessary for providing you with desired services and according to the requirements prescribed by law. We shall also gather statistics, that is, non-personal data. This data shall be stored without a term.


Only the employees of GoInvite (or contractual cooperation partners) or persons operating on the basis of some other legal relationship shall have access to the personal data gathered in the course of the GoInvite service. These persons may examine personal data only for solving any issues that may occur in using the GoInvite service.


If you wish to delete your personal data gathered by us, you may send a written request to our customer support at .  After receipt of the request, we shall delete your account and personal data attached to the account, unless there is a legitimate reason for why we are unable to delete your personal data. For example, you have failed to perform your payment obligations. After deletion, personal data shall become anonymous and shall only be used by us for the purpose of statistics production. Uninstalling the GoInvite application on your device shall not automatically mean that your account or your personal data will be deleted.


If you have given your consent for gathering, processing and using your personal data in a certain way, you may withhold your consent in the future at any given time.


In accordance with applicable legislation on personal data protection, you shall have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data, and in certain cases, limiting the processing of and transferring your personal data.


If you request limiting the processing of, suspending or deleting your personal data, this may result in us partially or entirely suspending our services offered to you.

7.     Direct marketing

7.1        We shall use your e-mail address and send you in-app messages and notifications, if you have given your respective consent on the website www.goinvite.app or in the GoInvite application.  If you no longer wish to receive direct marketing messages, please send us your respective request at .

7.2        We shall also recommend you new exciting events according to your history of events in which you have participated. We shall only provide you with recommendations if you have previously given us your respective consent.

8.     Questions related to the privacy policy and amendments to the privacy policy

8.1        If you have any concerns or questions related to our privacy policy, please contact us (GoInvite OÜ) at .

8.2        Evelin Mitt () is an employee of GoInvite OÜ who works as Data Protection Specialist of GoInvite OÜ.

8.3        GoInvite shall retain the right to amend the privacy policy from time to time. We shall notify the users of the GoInvite application of any amendments at the earliest opportunity.